What can I do if my Live Casino Streaming is bad?

live casino streaming

In the good old days when live casino was first coming to our screens the providers really struggled with delivering good clear uninterrupted streaming.

Bandwidth was hugely expensive and compression technologies were not as they are now.  Broadband at home was just a pipe dream and you were delighted if you have a 56k dial up modem to access the internet.

Well things have changed, technology has moved on and the software providers have invested heaving in live casino streaming technologies.  Some suppliers it has to be said have done a better job than others.

Generally,  if you have an issue with poor streaming first take a look closer at home, as you or someone else using your connection may be the reason why you’re struggling to see the cards being dealt or the screen taking an age to refresh.

In my house for example I get the best streaming speeds when I’m in the house on my own or it’s late at night and everyone else is in bed.!  All of my family are either streaming Youtube videos, playing online games, listening to music or downloading films. No wonder I struggle to play a few hands of blackjack!

My advice:

  • Get Cable so you can all stream what you what when you want!
  • If you can’t do that then play at times you know you’ll have a chance of getting a good connection.
  • Use the settings on the playing interface to reduce the streaming quality. HD consumes the most bandwidth, so set it to auto or one of the lower settings that is an acceptable quality level.
  • Select the mixed mode options so you get the computer generated images. This normally streams quicker.
  • Don’t having anything else that streams content running on your PC at the same time.
  • Don’t play at live casinos that are known to have problems, play at one of my Best Live Casinos to avoid any issues.
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