What is Casino Verification or Withdrawal Verification?

casino verification

Verification is the process that you have to go through at a casino to prove how old you are, who you are and is a requirement to prevent money laundering.  The process of verification is known as Know Your Customer (KYC) and is not just limited to Casino Operators. Any financial institution has to perform these checks before they are able to enter into financial transactions with you.

Interestingly, if the online casino holds a UK Gambling Commission licence they have to go through this process within 72 hours of a player registering and depositing money or their account is frozen until the process has been completed. You’ll find more details on this at the Gambling Commission Website.

What documents are needed?

Now where it’s not clear is what documents you need to be able to prove who you are.  So here’s a quick run down of the most common requests.

  • Current Passport.
  • Driving Licence.
  • Copy of Credit / Debit Card.
  • A recent utility bill showing your name and address.
  • A photo of yourself holding your passport.
  • A verification form filled out with your personal details.
  • Notarised copies of any of the above documents (these are copies of documents that are signed by an authorised person, such as a lawyer, that the documents are an exact copy of the original – this process will cost you money to perform).

When is Casino Verification Performed?

There doesn’t seem to be a standard. Some casinos only ask you to verify when you want to make a withdrawal. Others will ask just after you have registered and others when you have hit a withdrawal total of 2330 euros.

It’s best to check with the casino before you deposit as to what their process is and then you can make the decision on when to do it. Having gone through the casino verification process a number of times I would recommend doing it before you deposit or as soon after as you can. That way any issues are resolved before you get to do a withdrawal.

If you find the verification process difficult or the casino is asking for more and more information it’s a good sign to move on and play somewhere else.

Do remember this though, verification is a good thing.  Once you have created your “Pack” you can use it to verify at other casinos much more easily.  Its the process of creating the copies that normally takes the time.

Note:You’ll probably need the ability to scan or take photos of documents and upload them in electronic format.

Note:Never send your personal details in an unencrypted form over the internet. Find a way to encrypt your email or documents or ask the casino if they have a secure way of you sending them your documents.

Note:Never give out the last three digits of the security code on your credit card (the CVV) number, they don’t need it, so make sure it’s covered up when you scan of photograph it. (I normally stick a bit of paper over it).

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